Dynamic POS Solution

iPad/Tablet POS

NAVYZEBRA prides itself on being entirely customizable and feature-rich. We are always open to innovation.

All in Cloud

We are fully Cloud capable:

- iPad based POS Solution for Restaurant (Full Service) and Retail (QSR)

- Restaurant (Full Service), Retail (QSR) POS Solution for franchise customer

- Supports Headquarter Function

Preconfigured Hardware

All hardware is tested and preconfigured, making sure your entire POS system and associated hardware are running at their best.

Employee Login and Swipe Cards

Employee login and swipe cards enable businesses to operate with increased security and help keep track of employees efficiently.

Easy Tools

Instructions are easy-to-use for customers of all ages.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM enables businesses to keep track of their customers and their preferences.

Always On Mode

Always On Mode enables a business to continue processing payments in the event of an internet outage without losing data.

Employee Management

Employee Management is easy and intuitive: Access the backend via web browser and select the employee for whom you wish to create a schedule.

Table Layout

With the NAVYZEBRA software, you can have a table layout and different sections for each serer all from one screen.

Scale, Tare Integration

NAVYZEBRA supplies business owners with direct scale integration to ensure your POS system will run with food safe scales

Split Bill

The Split Bill function provides restaurants with a multitude of options for splitting checks with ease and efficiency.

Label Printing

Whether you need individual labels for inventory items or large pricing labels to pace on your shelves, NAVYZEBRA offers a variety of label printing

Inventory Management

Inventory Management allows business owners to keep track of and manage their inventory directly from within the backend management console.

Client & Server POS

- Secure Stand-Alone POS

- Network POS system with Server & multi-client POS

24 Hour Customer Service

Our NAVYZEBRA Customer Service Team is available 24 hours a day to respond to customers’ inquiries

Smart/Real-Time Reporting

NAVYZEBRA offers a suite of smart reporting to help you manage your business with the ability to access reports anytime anywhere.

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