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Advanced Marketing Solution

With our comprehensive marketing tools and services, we can help you create the online store you wanted. Create an online store your customers deserve from start to finish. Gift Card and Loyalty Card program are the network loyalty marketing support programs to provide effective marketing chances. We support promotional campaign using social network services (SNS).

Let us help you develop a brand that is timeless and memorable.

| Marketing support in-store

Loyalty Program

A loyalty card program is to build repeated business by offering incentives to participating customers. Participating in this program can be done through mobile app which increases the pleasure and convenience of both the merchant and customers.

Rewards Program

By participating in Reward Salad, along with other stores in the vicinity, build customer loyalty through these rewards as well as profit.

Gift Card Program

Gift card service for your business is provided. A gift card is a pre-paid store value card that can be used at a specified store or franchise.

| Online Marketing

SNS Marketing Service

Service for businesses to promote their products through Yelp, Facebook, and other SNS is offered. Create easy communication between the merchant and the customer through mobile app. Also, merchants can target specific audience with the data that is collected.

Web-Based Marketing Service

Choose from our selection of easy-to-manage Web-Based Marketing and enjoy many benefits. Benefits include: design, navigation, webpage, board, album, and contact us form.

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